February 2020 Newsletter


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It may seem like a small matter to most people, but the installation of the new sign at the entrance to the church/synagogue is especially significant. Obviously, it will make it much easier for guests and visitors to find us. But there is much more to this improvement.  First of all, we are truly grateful to Rev. Shannon Jung who really pushed for the new signage. In the short time that he has been the spiritual leader of Braden River Presbyterian Church, he has shown himself to be a true friend of Temple Beth El. His recent guest sermon on the occasion of the Martin Luther King, Jr. national holiday Shabbat service was well received.  He and Patti obviously were very pleased to be with us and our members were equally happy to welcome them. I should add that in the aftermath of recent violent anti-Semitic events in Jersey City and Monsey, NY Rev. Jung was the first to express his concern.

I hope that you have noticed that the new sign has our two congregations listed side by side. This is especially generous on the part of BRPC. After all, we are tenants in their church. It is definitely their building and yet they were gracious to list us side-by-side. To me, this speaks volumes. Until recently, we felt mostly like renters. Things are much different now. We are here to stay for the foreseeable future and, much more important, we are in the process of becoming spiritual partners with BRPC.  Rev. Jung and I have high hopes that our congregations will develop many possibilities for joint activities, while continuing to be distinctive entities with our own traditions and beliefs.

I found it both amusing and illustrative that, during the month of December, the sanctuary was decorated with both wreaths and Chanukah decorations. When our ark was in place for Shabbat services, brilliant red poinsettia plants surrounded it. The best part of this was that nobody complained. It seemed both natural and appropriate.

For our part, we have always treated the facilities with great respect. Our members, particularly Kate Richmond and the Women of Beth El, are well aware that we want to do our very best to take care of the facilities as if they were our own.

I hope you understand more fully why the new sign is such a lovely gesture. We are blessed to have such friends.


Rabbi Michael P. Sternfield



“Those who sing, pray twice.” (Talmud)

Cantor BardVoice! The gift we all possess! If you love to sing (more or less on pitch) and have a musical ear in ensemble, then the congregational choir is for you! For more information: please contact Cantor Bard (773-484-8149)

Shalom Temple family and friends,

I am pleased to report that a new exterior sign at our front entrance was recently installed and is being shared with our friends at the Braden River Presbyterian Church. We are very appreciative of our relationship and are thrilled to be doing some mitzvah projects together!

Our Temple will be participating in a blood drive with the BRPC on Sunday, January 26, 2020, from 10:00 AM -12:30 PM on our premises. You will need to show an ID and I encourage all healthy congregants to help out. Each donation can save up to three lives!

With Regards to Security, TBE Security committee members have been working hard behind the scenes and we have obtained all required bids on protecting our windows in both buildings as well as adding exterior LED lighting. Our Board of Directors will be voting on approving these Security enhancements at the upcoming meeting and we will be applying for a Jewish Federation matching grant. I anticipate the Security improvements will begin sometime in February. 

On January 24, 2020, our URJ Ambassador Greg Miller will be joining us during our Shabbat service to present the charter to our congregation. I am asking that all Temple members participate and support this major milestone at Temple Beth El. I believe our affiliation with the URJ is very important for the future of our congregation!

The Temple Men’s Club is preparing for our 3rd Annual Italian Dinner, TBE’s only fundraiser of the year! Please join us on Saturday, February 22ND at 6 PM. Please save the date and join us for a fun-filled evening!

I would like to ask everyone to please continue supporting our mitzvah projects, Habitat For Humanity, Meals on Wheels, as well as the Women of Beth El monthly charitable programs. These are all very important causes and we are always looking for new volunteers.  If anyone has an interest in joining us, please contact me. Special thanks to all our congregants that generously give their time and financial support to both our Temple and those that are less fortunate than us

Ron Eiseman